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VELOSIT is an innovative start-up organisation. Our mission is to make construction faster, easier and less tedious.


VELOSIT is based on decades of experience in R&D, production and consulting for high performance construction materials which are fully conversant with modern construction techniques, all conducted in harmonious team working. Our global team combines the latest construction methods with novel proven chemistries.


The experience behind VELOSIT has been utilised to design and formulate products based on state-of-the-art technologies approved for the construction industry. The novel VELOSIT Binder Formula is the “platform technology” for our cementitious mortars, waterproofing and self levelling product ranges. That offer easily mixed & applied products with good workability times, extremely rapid strength development and no shrinkage in addition to outstanding chemical, mechanical and water-resisting properties, requiring minimal or no post-application curing. The applied “platform technology” enables us to create products with very predictable and safe properties. Along side the cementitious waterproofing range we also supply polyurea-based protective coatings which offer extraordinary physical and chemical-resistant properties.


Production started early January 2015 at the new facility located at the “Industriepark Lippe” and will be home to all the new technological innovations for yet quicker and user-friendly products for tomorrow.


VELOSIT GmbH & Co. KG is managed by its owners who believe in making distances closer, decision making faster and providing customers with their requirements. Not only are our products “fast”; you will also experience quick and precise technical answers to your queries coupled with short delivery times and adequate after sales service.


* latin: “always fast”.



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