VELOSIT GmbH & Co. KG is home to motivated individuals who appreciate fun in their task. We do not offer a “job” we supply a modern environment for realizing a vision. In VELOSIT you will not find a “management floor with receptionist” or a strictly hierarchic organization. Instead you will see discussion, planning and most importantly realization. Project leadership is determined by the highest competency for the task. As we will initially start with a manageable number of staff we will greatly appreciate generalists with a broad knowledge of their trade. Self-initiative and sometimes talent to improvise are important qualities we would highly regard.


Your working environment is in a new building in the “Industriepark Lippe” in Horn-Bad Meinberg between Belle and Wöbbel right on the B239. You will find modern workspaces with the latest IT technology from the intuitive Apple-Macintosh world.


The regular working period at VELOSIT is 37.5 hours per week with flexible working time. We offer time accounts that allow shifting hours throughout the week. You will appreciate 6 weeks of paid vacation with only the time between Christmas and New Year being fixed due closure of the company.


Besides your salary you will receive an annual premium based on the achievement of company goals. You may even be eligible for preference shares with a guaranteed annual interest payment.


Most of all you will find a pleasant and innovative environment with lots of creative personalities.



Offene Stellen

Aktuell haben wir keine offenen Stellen zu besetzen. Wir freuen uns aber über Ihre Initiativbewerbung.

Are you interested?

Please send you complete application to:


Dr. Jens Hofele

Industriepark 7
32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg




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