Areas of Application

VELOSIT accelerates constructions

We apply our state-of-the-art technologies to develop solutions that significantly reduce construction and application times compared to current conventional methodologies. VELOSIT systems allow completion of numerous subsequent applications in significantly shorter time. Our systems are adjusted to avoid wait times between applications allowing an uninterrupted & continuous workflow.


Our target is to help you complete any multi-step application in just one day!



Areas of Application

  • New construction of structures in water contact
  • New construction and renovation of water tanks
  • Leveling of concrete floors
  • Renovation of civil engineering structures
  • New construction and rehabilitation of sewage treatment plants
  • Renovation of sewage manholes
  • Repair of sewage pipes and other pipelines

Your savings advantage

  1. Time, manpower & man-hours
  2. Significant reduction in waiting times between applications
  3. The ability to finish more projects in less time

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