Fast Potting Resin

VELOSIT GH 311 is a solvent-free, non-filled and non-pigmented 2-component reaction resin based on silicate resin.

Typical applications:

  • Force-fit sealing of joints and cracks in screeds
  • Bonding of e.g. repair angles and demarcation rails
  • Areas where short-term reworkability of the surface is required.


  • VELOSIT GH 311 meets the requirements of emission class EC 1 PLUS according to GEV-EMICODE classification criteria
  • Silicate based
  • Silicone-free
  • Fast setting
  • Can be used on screeds with underfloor heating (max. flow temperature 35 °C)
  • VOC Directive 2004/42/EC: Category IIA/j Type lb < 500 g/l VOC


Here you can find detailed information about the selected VELOSIT product.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet (A) Safety Data Sheet (B) License EMICODE

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