Ultra Low Viscosity Hydrophilic Polyacrylate Gel

VELOSIT IR 604 is a three component ultra low viscosity flexible hydrophilic polyacrylate gel.

Typical applications:

  • Curtain Wall Grouting
  • Brick, Block, Defective Concrete
  • Sealing of Construction Joints
  • Waterproofing pipe penetrations
  • Tunnels, Dams, Bridges, Soil Stabilization
  • Waste Water Tanks


  • 3 component acrylate gel
  • Self swelling
  • Variable reaction time adjustable through catalyst
  • 3.000 % expansion in case of free foaming
  • Very flexible
  • Phenol-free
  • Application with 2 component pumps (1:1)
  • Very good penetration
  • Low viscosity


Here you can find detailed information about the selected VELOSIT product.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet (A1) Safety Data Sheet (A2) Safety Data Sheet (B) Prospect Waterproofing Systems

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