High Performance Non-Shrink Grout For 12 - 120 mm

VELOSIT NG 512 is a cementitious non-shrink grout for concrete substrates. It is used to fill large voids or underneath base plates of machinery or building columns up to 120 mm (4.7”) clearance.

Typical applications:

  • Repair of large surface defects on concrete
  • Filling of gaps between two concrete bodies
  • Grouting of machinery and construction columns
  • Application thickness from 12 mm (¼“) to 120 mm (4.7”)
  • Anchoring of starter bars and dowels
  • Use as microconcrete


  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Slight volume increase in the plastic stage to ensure good bond to base plates
  • Excellent workability
  • Wide range of water addition allowing consistencies from plastic to fluid
  • Fiber reinforced
  • Advanced corrosion inhibitor technology
  • 60 min. working time and 15 MPa (2175 psi) compressive strength after 6 hours
  • Final strength of more than 90 MPa (13000 psi) after 28 days in fluid consistency
  • Open to foot traffic after 6 hours
  • Excellent adhesion to properly prepared concrete and steel
  • Minimal water penetration


Here you can find detailed information about the selected VELOSIT product.

Technical Data Sheet Environmental Product Declaration - EPD Safety Data Sheet Prospect Concrete Repair

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