2-Component Epoxy Primer and Vapor Retarder

VELOSIT PR 303 is a universal primer for many substrates. VELOSIT PR 303 is designed for critical substrates with high moisture content or excessive water vapor emissions.

Typical applications:

  • Standard primer for resin flooring systems
  • Moisture barrier for sensitive flooring materials and adhesives
  • Primer for Polyurea coatings and joint materials
  • Primer for asphalt with solvent addition
  • Production of scratch coat and cove mortars
  • For force-fit filling of cracks in screed and concrete as well as hollow areas in screeds
  • Suitable for underfloor heating


  • VOC and solvent free
  • Low viscosity
  • Very low vapor transmission rate, surpasses requirements of ASTM E96-12 for vapor retarders
  • Pigmented for better visibility on the substrate
  • Open to light foot traffic after 8 hours
  • Very good adhesion to metal and typical construction substrates like concrete, masonry and asphalt (with xylene addition)

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