2-Component Hotspray Polyurea Coating- and Waterproofing Membrane

VELOSIT PU 400 is a universal instant setting protective coating with extraordinary properties. VELOSIT PU 400 shows an enormous flexibility paired with exceptional tensile strength, mechanical and chemical durability make it the ideal coating system for applications with demanding requirements, especially on larger areas. VELOSIT PU 400 is applied with a hotspray coating machine. VELOSIT PU 400 is innocuous once cured and is hence suitable for applications where contact with potable water are required.

Typical applications:

  • Potable water structures
  • Waterproofing of basements and below grade parking structures
  • Coating of bridges and park decks
  • Roof coating, especially on corrugated sheet metal
  • Waterproofing of green roofs
  • Protective coating on secondary containment tanks
  • Coating of biogas tanks
  • Corrosion protection of pipelines


  • Extreme flexibility with an elongation at break exceeding 500 %
  • Enormous tensile strength (> 20 MPa)
  • High tear strength and extreme impact resistance
  • Waterproof in 2 min.
  • Open to light foot traffic after 15 min.
  • Fully cured in 48 hours
  • Innocuous once cured (surface washing required prior to contact with potable water)
  • Very good adhesion to metal and typical construction substrates like concrete, wood and masonry (with primer)
  • Good resistance against many chemicals such as alkalis and diluted acids 
  • Wide application spectrum even under extreme temperatures
  • Excellent crack bridging under static and dynamic loads
  • Good weathering resistance (except color stability)

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