Inauguration of the VELOSIT factory extension

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Inauguration of the VELOSIT factory extension

4 years after our market start we ran completely out of space. Pallets were piling up in front of shelves and we started spending quite some time on pushing things back and forth. The new warehouse was constructed in less than 3 months and was inaugurated on May 24th with a party for business customers, suppliers, family and friends. We couldn’t have picked a better day and the warm temperatures boosted the beer consumption quite significantly. The ribbon was cut by the shareholders’ wives and the building handed over to service.


Our production is already working on 2 full shifts and we are still just keeping up with the order volume. It is another 6 weeks until we install the new packaging line that will more than double our production capacity. Later this year a robot palletizer and an automatic shrink wrap line will complete the investment of about 750 k€.


Thanks to our clients who have been patient with us! This August we should have the means again to supply as quick as you were used to…

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