Water Activated Hydrophobic Polyurethane Injection Grout

VELOSIT IR 601 is a semi rigid hydrophobic water activated injection grout based on MDI chemistry. It is 100 % solids and solvent free. It is mixed with VELOSIT IR 610 Accelerator at 3 % to 20 % to control reaction time of the grout.

Typical applications:

  • Stopping active water leaks in cracks and joints
  • Filling of large voids
  • Waterproofing pipe penetrations
  • Curtain Wall applications
  • Suitable for both Potable and Waste Water


  • Applied as an one component system with single component pumps
  • Fast foaming
  • 2 component (resin + catalyst)
  • Closed cells
  • Variable reaction time
  • 3000% expansion in case of free foaming
  • Hard elastic
  • Phtalate-free
  • Reacts with water
  • No shrinking after curing
  • Low viscosity


Here you can find detailed information about the selected VELOSIT product.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet (A) Safety Data Sheet (B) Prospect Waterproofing Systems

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